Easily collect, process, and deposit incoming payments before they would typically even reach your mail. Lockbox services make life easy for businesses that regularly receive a large amount of incoming mail.

Commerce Union automatically handles collection and processing for you, so you can concentrate your attention and resources on other aspects of your business. Maximize availability of funds, while minimizing clerical time — sign up for lockbox services today.

Service Details

  • Ideal for businesses that receive a large amount of incoming mail
  • Incoming mail receipts are deposited directly to your account
  • Available before they would even reach your mailbox
  • Maximize availability of funds
  • Reduce clerical time and resources
  • Expedites your deposits; eliminates delayed deposits
  • Enhances your cash position
  • Strengthens audit control
  • Provides timely deposit information
  • Save time and resources; eliminate unnecessary trips to a branch